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 Hi all  :D
It's good to be back on here after a few years away. I am looking forward to the next season  :D Even if there is no Fernando  :'( :'( Please come back, all is forgiven hehe
Julie  :D

Welcome back to GPW from 'Abbaman'  :good:

I too had a hiatus, due to a busy few summer months in my web development commitments.  I was fortunate enough to pick up the Grid Game Wooden Spoon, so it's not all bad!!  :D

Best Regards,
Cal :)

Welcome back. I was off a month or so myself, due to a brain fart that got me locked out of my account.  :crazy:

Anyone ever get locked out just contact Wiz. Happened to
me when my Chrome got screwy and he got me right back in

Alianora La Canta:
Hello, Alonsofan! Good to see you again.


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