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Just want to say "Hi" and I can't wait for the new season. Hope this site proves more successful than previous efforts. Look forward to chatting on the boards!

Hi TimmyTime, welcome to GPW. Pull up a chair and make yourself right at home.  :good:


Welcome to GPW TimmyTime I hope you find yourself at home here.
Sorry but I have got to your username anything to do with this? Or is your name just Timmy Time?

Welcome to the mad house TimmyTime.   :good:

Thanks for the welcome's. I look forward to joining in the madness. To answer your question Alonsofan, you are one third right. My name is Tim but not Time LOL. Maybe I am too old but never heard of Timmy Time, catchy song though. Only sheep I know is Shaun out of Wallace and Grommit  :DntKnw:


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