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Author Topic: Russia 2021 Heroes and Zeroes  (Read 720 times)

Offline Jericoke

Russia 2021 Heroes and Zeroes
« on: September 26, 2021, 07:11:59 PM »
Hamilton showing how champions snatch victory from the jaws of midfield running.  After qualifying and a poor start, no one would have been disappointed by a podium for the 44 car, but he won, convincingly.  Over 50 seconds to second place?  Those are 1950s finishing numbers.

Verstappen.  Second place?  For real?  He's not a champion yet, but only because he drives in the Lewis Hamilton epoch.  Red Bull still knows how to win, a solid effort from driver and team to produce a second place when even scoring points seemed like a stretch.

Sainz.  I fully expected him to be second fiddle to LeClerc at Ferrari, but I think he's settled into a great fit.  I think he might be the piece to lead the scuderia back to championships.  A great race from a driver who really is talented, skilled, and ready to take the opportunities that come up.

Noris... it should have been his win, but Lewis and Mercedes really got into his head and stole the win from him.  It's a lesson learned, but he's going to have nightmares about this until he actually wins.  A great dry weather drive, choosing his moments and dealing with what a driver needs to deal with... in the dry.

Russell.  Sometimes getting that 'vote of confidence' is all you need to go from good to great.  Russell has the backing of Mercedes, not just as a teammate of Hamilton, but his replacement.  It's helped him put in some truly solid performances.  He might be best on Saturdays instead of Sundays, but you've  got to have something to build on.

McLaren.  It's your job to support the driver.  Of course, Noris was in control of when he came in, but he really doesn't have all the information.  Mercedes knows that Lewis has final call, but there is a trust/rapport that Lewis usually has the information he needs to make a call.  Noris isn't ready to fight for wins, but neither is McLaren.

Offline rmassart

Re: Russia 2021 Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2021, 07:56:13 PM »
Too add to the above:

Bottas - he did well in the end even though he spent most the race underachieving. Kept his cool in the rain and came home fifth. He made 11 places in the race. Only Verstappen gained more i think with 18.

A point on Verstappen, he drove a great race and I would still have him as favorite for the title. I feel the Red Bulls are stronger. As great a drive from the back as it was, I am not sure it was completely unexpected. Of course the rain helped. I would have put money on him coming in the top 5. Probably even the podium. Probably not for 2nd, because I am not a betting person!

Timing - I got the impression the rain really started coming down just as Norris went passed the pit entrance and had to do a whole lap on slicks. A few seconds earlier and maybe he would have saved second. Not sure really...

The rain - I've no idea what happened in the last few laps. It was like pulling numbers out of a hat. My guess is those at the back had nothing to lose so changed to inters a couple of laps earlier.

Which also leads me to a Zero:

The TV stream. I got the impression the producers were always showing the wrong thing. I found it hard to get an idea of what was happening at times. Thankfully I can see the positions in real time on the F1 site...

Also, a point on McLaren. I am not sure they could have done anything better. In these situations I feel the one in the lead will always lose. Pitting first would have been a huge risk whilst the track was still driveable. Once Hamilton pitted, pitting again would have secured second, but they would have lost 1st place because Hamilton would have been quicker on his out lap. McLaren were hoping for a second win in a row. If the the order had been reversed, probably Hamilton would now be 7th and Norris 1st.

Offline Willy

Re: Russia 2021 Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2021, 08:46:07 PM »
Once again showing why he has all those records.  100th race win!
A champion in the making. A great drive under pressure but unfortunately he is still very young and has to learn from his mistakes.
Great starting position and he wrung all he could from the Williams.

You know how inexperienced Norris is and should have had the last word on when to go for inters. Help your driver be better when he needs it, even if doesn't know when that is.
A boring track around expensive empty buildings.


Offline cosworth151

Re: Russia 2021 Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2021, 02:36:09 PM »
Heroes -
(This may be a first for me  :swoon: )

Max: I really expected him to take himself and probably several others out in his race from the back. I even picked S/C Yes in the GG in expectation of it.


Sochi: Maybe St. Petersburg will be better, but I doubt it.

“You can search the world over for the finer things, but you won't find a match for the American road and the creatures that live on it.”
― Bob Dylan

Offline Alianora La Canta

Re: Russia 2021 Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2021, 06:38:35 PM »

- Norris: Apart from one slip-up on dry tyres at a skidpan, an excellent race all round. Deserved all the plaudits he got.

- Hamilton: This win required a lot of patience and he used it well. Welcome to the 100 victory club, enjoy the canapes while they are still hot!

- Giovanazzi: Finished a race that included that intermediate tyre call despite no radio and a car designed to require radio for successful race completion.


- The circuit organiser/promoter: for a design that guaranteed breaches of COVID protocols. In particular, making the journalists walk through the length of the paddock twice, right next to the paddock "bubble", because the alternative was a lift with public access, was unacceptable.

- The Turn 2 run-off: which was somehow faster than the correct route despite the artificial chicane.

- Ferrari: Not so much for the wet-weather pit call (the weather map had already been wrong about rain at the beginning of the race, can't blame any team or driver for questioning whether it was right the second time), but for the slow pit stops that, in Sainz's case, might have lost him P2, and for some generally dodgy communication that at various points left both drivers confused as to what was supposed to be happening. I'm surprised Sainz managed to salvage a podium after all that.
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