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Max using #1 for 2022

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Looks like Max is the first driver in the 'chosen number era' to use #1.

While I'm a fan of Hamilton, I always felt that he should have taken #1 as champion.  I appreciate that the 'branding' of having your own number is important, but I feel like the tradition of the champion racing as #1 is important too.

Still not a Max fan, but I am glad to see someone who still appreciates the little things in motorsport history.


At best, it should be a Roger Maris type 1*.  ;)


--- Quote from: cosworth151 on January 27, 2022, 05:43:02 PM ---At best, it should be a Roger Maris type 1*.  ;)

--- End quote ---

I could see Ricciardo, or maybe Sainz doing that if they won a controversial championship.  Making fun of the controversy while twisting the knife that little bit as well.

John S:
It's more of a shock when you realise that Max is the only one able to make the choice, other than Lewis, since the rules over numbering were changed.  :swoon:

Rosberg would have been the other, but of course he ducked the issue by retiring.

In the great scheme of things last years WDC is not the most controversial, IMHO. Just feels a bit raw to a lot of people as Merc keep milking it, Lewis has deliberatly gone off radar, and FIA refuse to hurry over final race stewardship enquiry.  :crazy:


What was the most controversial to you? I mean Masi threw the rule book out and did the only thing that would make Max the champion. He picked his favorite seemingly.


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