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Lewis threaten to not race in Miami


You think the bad car and Russel outpointing him
has a little to do with it?


The National Hockey League put in a rule requiring players to wear helmets for safety.  However many players complained that wearing a helmet this late in the career would disrupt their focus, and harm the on ice product.  The compromise was that existing NHL players weren't required to wear helmets, however any 'new' players were.

I feel like this might be the solution here as well.  If you're in F1 and want to wear a little bit of jewelry, then fine, but anyone joining the sport must be jewelry free.

(One of the last NHL players to play without a helmet, Guy Lafleur of the Montreal Canadiens, recently passed away.  His nickname was 'Le Demon Blonde' for his light brown(?) hair flying behind him as he skated)

Isn't it ironic that this rule pops up at the ultimate example of F1's "glitter instead of substance" races? I've never been one for wearing jewelry but I raced many times wearing a required metal "dog tag" necklace with my name & blood type stamped on it. It's probably still buried in a drawer somewhere at home.

I think the FIA has more important things to look at.

Andy B:
I can recall LH getting authorisation from the FIA to wear the jewellery in the car.
I'm at a loss at what the FIA are trying to achieve here and Scott is spot on!


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