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Ralf speaks on childish protests

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During the pit walk I noticed how rude the music and
sports stars are. The only thing most of them know about
F1 is they have Ferrari's and there's two in the race. Almost
makes me wish they'd stop having F1 races here

At one point early in the race there was a shot of a grandstand where almost every person in the crowd had their phones out filming.  Put down your phones and try to enjoy the race.  A few shots sure, but it looked ridiculous, the cars going past live and everyone was looking at their little screens.

Andy B:

--- Quote from: Dare on May 08, 2022, 08:31:12 PM ---
--- Quote from: Jericoke on May 08, 2022, 03:51:31 PM ---I think part of the issue is, like the article states, Hamilton and Vettel ARE 'elder statesmen' in motor racing, and their actions matter.  Why wasn't the FIA working WITH their elder statesmen to make sure the rules make sense, and will be accepted?

Hamilton and Vettel are being treated like dancing monkeys, why would anyone be surprised when they act like it?  The FIA should have involved them, and any of these disagreements could have been figured out behind closed doors.

--- End quote ---

Maybe because the FIA doesn't need the elder drivers permission
to make or enforce rules

--- End quote ---

LH had authorisation from the FIA to wear the jewellery so why they want to go back on that I'm unsure.
I too was not impressed with the disrespectful so called celebs over the whole weekend and if that's how it is to be then it'll put me off F1.

I didn't realize that they want drivers to remove their wedding rings & religious symbols. That's crossing the line IMO. I think K-Mag has the right idea:

“They made me take my (wedding) ring off. The wedding ring… if something bad was going to happen I want to wear my wedding ring as it kind of feels bad to take it off. Something like that, your wedding ring, there must be somehow a way to let us take responsibility and take it away from the FIA. (A waiver) will be great.

"The underwear, we can make fireproof ones, manufacturers are making it as before we were never told (of the rules), I understand that. And big chains. But small things like a wedding ring… and if you’re religious, I can understand that too.”


As for Seb wearing his underwear on the outside, he's not the first one to do that:

John S:

--- Quote from: cosworth151 on May 10, 2022, 02:47:45 PM ---

As for Seb wearing his underwear on the outside, he's not the first one to do that:

--- End quote ---

Yeah but Seb now resembles a geriatric Superman, Cos.

He used to be able to fly (round the track), now he spends his time squabbling with the kids down the back of the field.  :D


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