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Mosley turns up the heat


In a letter to F1 principals and manufacturers this week, Max Mosley has confirmed that a one week window to sign up for 2008 will open and close between March 24-31.

The FIA president's probable intention is to put pressure on the rogue GPMA group - made up of Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW and Honda - to end their threat of a 'breakaway' championship. In the letter, Mosley explains that he wants to impose the early 2008 window so that participating teams have time to help 'fine tune' the 2008 regulations. But, particularly with speculation rising about alternate teams - like David Richards' 'Prodrive' - the Mosley letter could be interpreted as a warning to carmakers that they run the risk of losing one of F1's twelve garage slots for 2008. Max wrote: ''The FIA very much hopes that all the teams and manufacturers competing in this year's championship will also enter for 2008.''


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