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General F1 Discussion / Re: 2022 Miami Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Last post by Willy on May 10, 2022, 06:51:42 PM »
I can agree with the points made above and rmassart hits the nail on the head.

This was mostly an extremely boring race until the last 10 laps but even then we did not see much of it as the TV coverage was poor. The TV director was more concerned with having to use the cameras that were set up to show The Event and the beautiful people at The Event. Case in point, the annoying camera that flew over the picnic tables and stopped mid-track under the overhead gondola's. OVERHEAD GONDOLA'S WITH GLASS FLOORS FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!
I seriously dislike flash and glitz for it's own sake and this race was full of it.

And as mentioned, it wasn't even Monaco who seems to know how to offer tasteful flash & glitz in small measures.

F1 Drivers / Re: Ralf speaks on childish protests
« Last post by cosworth151 on May 10, 2022, 02:47:45 PM »
I didn't realize that they want drivers to remove their wedding rings & religious symbols. That's crossing the line IMO. I think K-Mag has the right idea:

“They made me take my (wedding) ring off. The wedding ring… if something bad was going to happen I want to wear my wedding ring as it kind of feels bad to take it off. Something like that, your wedding ring, there must be somehow a way to let us take responsibility and take it away from the FIA. (A waiver) will be great.

"The underwear, we can make fireproof ones, manufacturers are making it as before we were never told (of the rules), I understand that. And big chains. But small things like a wedding ring… and if you’re religious, I can understand that too.”

As for Seb wearing his underwear on the outside, he's not the first one to do that:
General F1 Discussion / Re: 2022 Miami Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Last post by John S on May 10, 2022, 10:39:39 AM »

Max, the pass on Sainz into frst corner was vital to set up a chance at Charles. He also took the chance well against Leclerc, most others found difficulty keeping the car inside the white lines when going for DRS overtakes, Max judged it to perfection, sure he had more speed but he still had to get the turn in done after the overtake - and he did.

Perez for nursing a wounded car to the end and even trying to get Sainz for 3rd place after the restart, it was never certain that Checo's car would make it to the finish.

Ocon for keeping his nose clean and letting the race come to him, safety car and penalties helped him be higher at the end, however he still had to drive it from the back of the grid.

Track designers for creating jeopardy for the best drivers in the world at the tricky chichane. Stop whingeing you numpty drivers and deal with it, you deal with all the extremes of Monaco - so suck it up.  >:(

Merc for keeping Lewis out at s/c, he was behind George and would have come out much lower down if he pitted. Whilst he may have made places again not sure he would have got George or Bottas. In fact without the Mercs scrapping close behind Valtteri may not have been distracted & run wide allowing both to jump up a place.


Ferrari for not having a set of softs or mediums to use after late s/c with a free pitstop, Max had passed pit entry when full s/c called. Basic stuff surely to be prepared for such an outcome.

Alonso, Lando Gasly and especially Schumacher for just losing the plot and having unecessary wheel banging and on track fisticuffs. Mick was even scrapping with his teamate on more than one occasion - to prove what?........who knows.
Mick to finish in the points you need to be higher than 15th! Hell man even tortoise Latifi beat you. :D

General F1 Discussion / Re: 2022 Miami Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Last post by Jericoke on May 09, 2022, 01:08:35 PM »

Max - Winning the championship has humanized him for me.  He doesn't come across as the arrogant jerk he did for many years.  He feels more invested in the sport as something fans can enjoy, a team that is working is working together as a whole, instead of for his own glory.  His on track racing is more respectful.  Yes, it helps he's got a car that's the class of the field.  Maybe Gibbs is right, and having Christmas every day has been good for Max.

Speaking of which, whatever you think of all the celebrities at the track (more of that in a moment), having Gibbs do the post race interviews was fantastic.  Open wheel racing heritage in America is almost exclusively 'Andretti', which is wrong.  There is a strong history in the sport, and I think including Gibbs in an important role was the best thing about the Miami GP.

I know that pasting the sport with celebrities to give a sort of false credibility isn't what racing fans want.  BUT... I loved Martin Brundle's gridwalk.  He's a racer, and he's normally asking racing questions of racing people.  Having a non 'entertainment' reporter talking to celebs who are used to vapid 'entertainment' interviews was a lot of fun.  Liberty is missing a HUGE opportunity to bring in some celebs, give them a little bit of media training so they have something insightful to say to Martin. (Better yet, make sure Martin isn't ready for a Williams sister to have an opinion on 'porpoising')

Albon - the red hair dye works!  I've always felt his problem wasn't skill, but just the confidence.  Williams is giving him the chance to grow it, and if the red hair helps, then I'm all for it!


Race coverage.  I feel like we were never seeing the interesting parts of the race.  I'd see names tumble down the order listing, never get a replay of what happened, and maybe a mention 30 seconds later that 'something happened'.  The cuts between what we were watching felt very jarring.  Normally we cut from car to car to show action, to build a story of what's going on.  Today it was just there's a car.  There's a car.  Oh look another car.  I don't know if the camera points just didn't work out, if they were trying something new, or someone new.

The entire midfield seemed to be playing bumper cars.  Not that we saw, of course, but there were plenty of incidents with plenty of fault to go 'round.

Mercedes strategy.  In the past we've seen Mercedes win races by pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the proverbial hat.  Not this year.  Russell copying the Alonso strategy of going all the way on hards waiting for an opportune safety car was a good call, but not especially risky.  I think it's going to become a standard  strategy for cars that qualify a little lower than they should have.  However they should've been ready to make a call for Hamilton.  They should have known the state of his tires, and whether it made sense to come in or not.  Sure, Hamilton sometimes fights them on the call, but that doesn't mean you don't make it.  There doesn't seem to be any trust there.

Random thought

I know that the whole event seemed to be bordering on satire or farce, but that one corner had tents setup to watch the race from.  I would LOVE to watch an F1 race from a tent.
General F1 Discussion / Re: 2022 Miami Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Last post by Scott on May 09, 2022, 10:56:33 AM »
rmassart has it correct.  As for the DRS zones, I am sorry they put three in this race, and if they want to have more exciting passing, they should shorten the DRS zones - pull them a way back from the corners so it's not so simple and the defending car has a late braking chance to defend.  2 DRS zones and either generally shorten the zones or have a maximum distance, regardless of how long the straight is.


The FIA for getting the Gasly Norris collision right - racing, both drivers simply weren't paying attention.

Max for getting past Sainz right off the bat so he could just concentrate on Leclerc and getting the win.  Sainz should have seen it coming better and perhaps needs to understand how to close down an attempted pass by Max.

Mick Schumacher for being part of this race early on.  I hope he pulls himself together and shows what he is capable of before he gets overlooked for a top seat.

Bottas for staying in the thick of it.  I would have preferred a Bottas Kimi lineup this year for Alfa, but it is what it is.

The engineers who seem to have licked the porpoising effect even on those long straights.

Ferrari for somehow getting their name on all four pedestals on the podium
 :DD :DD


Perez for blowing a podium in the closing laps and letting Sainz through.

Miami track for a mostly boring race.  If the SC hadn't come out 10 laps to go I would call this a boring race.  They can dress it up as much as they want, but it is still a parking lot race, and it shows.

Vettel and Ricciardo.  I had strong hopes for the two of them this race, but once again they didn't follow through.  McLaren and AM scouts are certainly out looking to replace these expensive seats for young, hungry and drastically cheaper drivers (and I'm a fan of both of these guys).
F1 Drivers / Re: Ralf speaks on childish protests
« Last post by Andy B on May 09, 2022, 09:31:47 AM »
I think part of the issue is, like the article states, Hamilton and Vettel ARE 'elder statesmen' in motor racing, and their actions matter.  Why wasn't the FIA working WITH their elder statesmen to make sure the rules make sense, and will be accepted?

Hamilton and Vettel are being treated like dancing monkeys, why would anyone be surprised when they act like it?  The FIA should have involved them, and any of these disagreements could have been figured out behind closed doors.

Maybe because the FIA doesn't need the elder drivers permission
to make or enforce rules

LH had authorisation from the FIA to wear the jewellery so why they want to go back on that I'm unsure.
I too was not impressed with the disrespectful so called celebs over the whole weekend and if that's how it is to be then it'll put me off F1.
General F1 Discussion / Re: 2022 Miami Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Last post by Andy B on May 09, 2022, 09:27:07 AM »
Nothing much to add that rmassart hasn't said.
I quite agree that Miami is probably the way they want all race to be and all these so called celebs were a turn off for me.
Oh for the Merc's to get sorted I so was to see GR and LH get into the front runners.
McLaren also need to get back to where they were not so long ago.
When LH stared wearing the jewellery he has permission from the FIA. Just saying!
General F1 Discussion / 2022 Miami Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Last post by rmassart on May 09, 2022, 09:12:45 AM »

Max - got a good start and never really looked back from there

Russell - called it perfectly: asked to stay out as long as possible and hope for a SC. The racing gods duly obliged :D

Turns 14 and 15 - as I understood they were designed to force driver errors. Seemed to work, so well done.

Bottas - I am happy seeing him up there with the Mercs. A few seconds behind Lewis: it's almost like he never left!  :DD


Ferrari - Whilst they came 2nd and 3rd, they are already on the back foot. They need to find some better pace and strategy to win this Championship.

Mercedes - asking Lewis whether to come in or doe not look good. Lewis has no data on which to make that split second decision. He should have been pitted for tires.

DRS and new car regulations - the two together don't work together for me. Max's pass on Leclerc was too easy. Without being able to follow cars closely, it was at least an effort to get into the DRS zone and then the 0.9s was often too far to make the pass stick, even for the faster car. Now they are often 0.4s behind when DRS is turned on. If they can't get rid of DRS, they should at least reduce it's effect.

DRS trains - related to the above, they simply aren't interesting!

Miami - personally I didn't like the look and feel of the event. Too much glitz and glamour without any historical reason for it - it's not Monaco! Without wanting to judge, the ticket prices seemed so high that few true race fans could probably attend. Those that did were maybe more interested in being there for the sake of being there than for the race.
F1 Drivers / Re: Ralf speaks on childish protests
« Last post by Scott on May 09, 2022, 08:15:15 AM »
At one point early in the race there was a shot of a grandstand where almost every person in the crowd had their phones out filming.  Put down your phones and try to enjoy the race.  A few shots sure, but it looked ridiculous, the cars going past live and everyone was looking at their little screens.
I've had O and HO since I was a kid, but never had a space I thought could hold an actual layout. Really enjoy following some of the magazines, websites, and YouTube videos though.
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