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Author Topic: They won't give up on this flying car lark!  (Read 2594 times)

Offline Wizzo

They won't give up on this flying car lark!
« on: July 09, 2006, 07:43:54 PM »
The idea of a flying road vehicle isn’t new but this one seems to have more to offer than most,(one of the fastest road cars ever built!), and is almost ready for production!

The LaBiche Aerospace FSC-1 has been nearly ten years in the making, and aircraft designer Mitch LaBiche is hoping his will be the first fully roadable aircraft design to satisfy every voyaging need of what he describes as ‘the discriminating pilot’.

Although Da Vinci might not be impressed by LaBiche’s barebones’ computer illustrations of the flying car, he would undoubtedly be giddy about the idea.

With just a touch of aircraft engineering magic, the FSC-1 will have you gadding about at more than 275mph once airborne – pretty fast for the equivalent of a four-seater plane. The wings and rear propeller fold up and disappear inside the car when driving so you’ll be able to make a spectacle of yourself as you fly towards the nearest motorway, land, and discreetly finish the journey back to your pad on four wheels.

Although this may sound pie in the sky, it could be a very real proposition. LaBiche Aeropsace plans to sell the flying car as a hobbyist do-it-yourself kit for $175,000, and will be presenting it at this year's EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow. Keep your eyes on the skies, and your browsers at

Mid-engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Flying Car
Seats: 4 (optional 5th child seat)
.....Car- (Conventional) Steering wheel, Accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals
.....Aircraft - Side Arm Controls with rudder control pedals and integrated foldaway throttle control

Engine:Chevrolet-LS2 C6 Corvette 2005 crate engine, supercharged,all aluminum block 6.0L V8
Horse Power: 450 BHP
Empty Weight: 2455 lbs.
Gross Weight: 3600 lbs.
Conversion Speed: 0 to 25 mph, fully automatic with numerous safety conversion sensors
Max. Fuel Capacity: 102 Gallons (stored in inboard wing panels, 51 gal. each side)

Three 13" Flat Panel Displays
CD-DVD Player Stereo
Entertainment Display System
Remote Keyless Entry & Alarm
Dual Aircraft Controls
Supplemental Oxygen System
Top Speed: 180+ mph  :o
Time to speed
0 to 80 mph: 7 secs  :swoon:
Minimum (7 mpg): 700 miles
Economy (15 mpg): 1500 miles
90 - 0 mph 275 ft. in 4.2 secs. (1 g)
Max Speed Vne: 320 mph
Top Speed (100%): 290 mph@18,000'
Cruise Speed (75%): 270 mph
Economy Speed (55%): 230 mph
Minimum T.O. Speed: 88 mph
Minimum T.O. Distance:
With Power Assist 475 ft.
Distance to clear 50' Obstacle: 560 ft.
Without Power Assist 1400 ft.
Stall Speed (flaps): 78 mph
Landing Speed: 90 mph
Range (75% - 30 gph): 850 miles
Range (55% - 22 gph): 1050 miles
One question, Do you need a pilots license to drive it??  :DntKnw:

« Last Edit: July 09, 2006, 07:47:31 PM by f1wizard »

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