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F1 Drivers eye view of lap at Imola in Alpha Tauri with Yuki Tsunoda


John S:
Helmet cam gives more realistic idea of field of vision for F1 drivers.

Along with Halo making pronounced windows effect to gaze thru the wing mirrors seem a long way beyond normal focusing area for Yuki and probably all F1 drvers.

Lets hope drivers eyeballs are better at coping with vibrations and bumps than the camera.   

 I remember the 1992 South African GP, the TV coverage kept switching from Senna's McLaren to Mansell's FW14B to show the difference with active suspension. The McLaren shook and vibrated like crazy making the mirrors useless. The Williams was smooth as glass, no noticeable vibration and clear mirrors. I always thought F1 made a mistake banning active suspension, especially since the cars still vibrate considerably.


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