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Alfa Romeo Extends Deal with Sauber


Alfa Romeo has signed a multi-year extension of its f1 deal with Sauber. It will have year by year performance goals.

“We are delighted to be announcing the extension of this partnership. Alfa Romeo have been an incredible companion over the last few years, and we are even more excited about the chapters that are yet to come,” said Alfa Romeo Team Principal Vasseur.

I'm glad to see that Sauber will continue to have that kind of financial support.  :good:


While I understand that a Formula One race team has very little in common with consumer road cars, it strikes me as... weird... that a car company just sort of pays to have their name on the race car.

I know that Mercedes does it, and Renault as well, but Ferrari and McLaren really are focused on F1 cars.  Williams and Haas as well.  Aston Martin is a weird synthesis where Aston Martin isn't making the F1 cars... but there's a cross over on ownership anyway.

Certainly in the past Ford didn't really make the Cosworth engines they were famous for, so it's a part of racing 'tradition'.  I did always appreciate that the Honda F1 programme was done by Honda personnel, not professional F1 people. It was their Achilles heel, of course, but I really wish all the F1 teams associated with a car company were really part of that car company, and not a glorified advertising subcontractor.


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