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No Andretti in F1




I'm a little disappointed that Andretti isn't coming to F1, but honestly, Sauber really has a solid long term plan as is.  The sport won't suffer for this.

I wish that Andretti would have started a team, like Haas.  I assume at some point Michael and Gene talked, which dissuaded Andretti from creating a new team.

I think Liberty needs to reach out to Andretti and figure out what it will take to bring them in.  (Or other potential entries)

I think with the Alfa deal money kept Michael out.


--- Quote from: Dare on October 29, 2021, 02:19:50 PM ---I think with the Alfa deal money kept Michael out.

--- End quote ---

According to this youtube video Sauber is owned by a billionaire.  He'd sell the team for a massive profit, which I doubt Andretti is interested in providing, otherwise, he wants to make sure the team is taken care of, which Andretti would do, but not any 'better'.

John S:
Think the problem for Andretti is the owners, a rich Scandinavian family, don't need to sell and are quite happy with their plaything at present. They came into F1 to back Ericsson - who has long departed for Indy cars - maybe they just like the cachet of owing an F1 team now.

The budget cap and the better distribution of the spoils by FOM/Liberty is likely to increase the value of each team in the next few years, even back of the grid teams. Hell they might even get to make profits.  :D

Addendum: I was putting this post together as Jeri was uploading her post, I pressed go before I'd read her post.  :fool:
Jeri's post covers all my points but adds much more - Good one Jeri! :good:


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