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22 Cars


Looks like the cars will have a different look from each
other. Be fun to see who got it right


Further, the FIA feels that no team has found the 'magic bullet' to dominate other teams, there shouldn't be a  team running away with an early Brawn-esque advantage.


John S:
Can't see how the FIA can be so sure Jeri, until we see the relative performances, either in testing or at the first few races.

I'm heartened though that designers have chosen differing solutions and looks for the cars.  :good:

Can't help thinking I seen the rounded nosecone & curvy mid section look on the Williams FW44 before,  :confused: just can't place which car of the past it reminds me of the most.
I've got the Jordan 191 in my head for the front section, you know the green one that Schumi first wowed everyone in. 


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