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Haas Cuts Ties with Uralkali, Niki Mazepin

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A statement released by the Haas F1 team:

“Haas F1 Team has elected to terminate, with immediate effect, the title partnership of Uralkali, and the driver contract of Nikita Mazepin. As with the rest of the Formula 1 community, the team is shocked and saddened by the invasion of Ukraine and wishes for a swift and peaceful end to the conflict.”


I'm having flashbacks of when my favorite team was Super Agrui and they went under when S&S United failed to live up to their sponsorship commitments.  :'(

1)  Haas had already discussed that they had been diversifying their sponsorship, not relying on UralKali

2)  It might be an easy sell to say 'sponsoring Haas is like saying "F Putin"'.  Showing up in Bahrain with a blue/yellow livery might be a good idea.

3)  I don't want to see an F1 team fail, but Gene (Gunther?) has really made some poor choices for partnerships.  I don't know how anyone saw Russian Oligarch money being a good idea long term.  I wouldn't want to say they deserve to fail (I think Haas has been very good for F1 in showing how to create a team with value), but you've got to be careful who you do business with.

When you have no money, any money looks good.

The question may be moot. The banking sanctions against Russia & the oligarchs have probably made it impossible for Mazepin senior to get the funds out of Russia or any other accounts he might have elsewhere.

According to this at least some of the money had been paid and Mazepin wants it back.



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