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Perez's future to be decided by summer


I don't know what the wait is. What else could they ask
for anyone unfortunate enough to be teamed with Max.


In 2021 Perez played his part perfectly, but if 2022 Max is going to run away with the championship without needing Sergio, then RBR can go back to screwing over their non golden child drivers.

Marko also has his driver academy to think about.  If joining Red Bull means your future path to F1 is blocked, drivers will start to look elsewhere.  Ferrari has plenty of churn, and Mercedes is going to have a seat opening up soon.

John S:
I see it as pretty routine stuff for Checo to be kept on for 23 season. It's another matter of fact comment from Marko just to keep his drivers, in F1 or feeder series, putting effort in as hard as poss.

Gasly will not return to main Red Bull seat IMHO, Marko dumped him because he lacks the ability to overtake others in similar of slightly inferior cars. Sure Pierre he has a real turn of speed but that's not enough for top 5 racers, they've got to have the complete package and best others in similar, maybe even better, machines.

Look how Pierre struggled at Imola, he was stuck behind others in similar machinery and went backwards if anything rather than forwards. Compare this to either Tsunoda or Albon's performance in Italy, both went forwards. Q.E.D. I'm afraid. 


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