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Mick Schumacher's Good Problem


Haas boss Gunther Steiner thinks he knows why Mick Shumacher is having problems this season - and it's a good problem to have.

He's not used to driving a good, fast F1 car.

"It's new for (Mick) to use the car for an overtaking maneuver. Last season we only drove behind the others so he was rarely able to do that. But he wants to get better and is investing a lot of time in that."

It makes sense to me. I hope he's right.


John S:
Wishful thinking I reckon, Mick is not half the driver his uncle Ralf was in F1 let alone his Dad.

Mick has always had trouble overtaking, he's another Gasly without the turn of speed Pierre can sometimes put in on an empty track.  :D

I don't follow the 'feeder' series very closely.

Is Mick without talent, or was he brought into F1 before he had a chance to hone his skills?  F1 really became obsessed with bringing in drivers young.  It worked out with Kimi, Vettel, Alonso and Max.  However, none of those four were 'locks' to be champions, and were brought in just to see how they'd do.  Button struggled a lot early, and without the Honda/Brawn saga, he probably would have left the sport with a single win.

But McLaren waited on Hamilton, and that gave us one of the most sensational rookie seasons of all time.  Michael Schumacher was 22 when he first raced F1, and that was as a replacement with zero expectation for results; not the pressure to be a multiple world champion carrying the weight of the sport for a decade.

Kimi, Vettel, and Alonso had talent not a name. Didn't
work out for Bruno Senna either.

John S:

--- Quote from: Jericoke on May 05, 2022, 02:56:37 PM ---I don't follow the 'feeder' series very closely.

Is Mick without talent, or was he brought into F1 before he had a chance to hone his skills? 

--- End quote ---

Mick followed a similar path to Charles & George who are of similar age, thru the feeder series although he skipped GP3 in favour of the F3 European series.
Mick was champion of F3 Euro series and F2, but and it's a big but, he took two attempts at each to become champ.
Charles and George however sailed thru both GP3 & F2 as champs in just one attempt in consecutive years. Arguably these 2 had more competition in F2 than the standard Mick faced - it's all reletave though ain't it.

Records show Mick only scored 2 wins and no Poles in the F2 season when he became champ; where as Charles had 8 poles & 7 wins, George 5 poles & 7 wins.

Maybe Mick has more speed than Latifi who scored not a single pole in 5 seasons of GP2/F2 but I wouldn't bank on it.  :D   


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