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Wolff: Andretti yet to demonstrate that F1 entry is deserved



Wolff is worried that if Andretti joins F1 it will dilute the share of the F1 pie by 10% for the existing teams.  As such, Andretti must 'grow the pie' by at least that much to make it worthwhile for other teams to let them in.

I agree with Wolff's logic, but in what world does he think the Andretti team won't bring value to F1?  I mean, if it was JUST a name entering the sport (say, "Prost F1") with no experience running top tier championship teams, he'd have a case, but Andretti knows what's going on in F1. 

Conversely, no one is watching F1 because Wolff owns the Mercedes team.  If Andretti REPLACED Mercedes, I'd bet that F1 would be making more money.  In fact, I would posit that Andretti would bring more attention to the sport than any current team except Ferrari, Red Bull and maybe McLaren.

(Don't get me wrong, I think the 2022 line up of F1 teams is literally the most solid group in history.  All the teams are fully committed to the sport, and run like clockwork serious organizations.  Except maybe Aston Martin, although I think Stroll just needs to learn to back off and let the people he's hired do their jobs.  Follows in the footsteps of Mallya and Jordan I suppose)

If F1 is serious about growing the American fan base, letting Andretti in would be absolutely one of the best moves they could make. Few names in American racing could garner as much media attention as Andretti.

Wolff is a selfish moron at best.  I completely agree that Andretti would contribute to and generate for, F1 far more than Wolff ever has.  In fact he has spoiled his own brand and the sport itself by managing drivers he actually employs…the greed never stops with him.

But the solution is easy peasy.  Only pay out the top 10 teams.  No pie dilution and more motivation for the last place team to not remain there.


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