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Are Mick's days numbered at Haas


2 crashes at 2 million dollars. Steiner isn't a happy camper


I guess it depends on how much money the Schumacher name is bringing to the team.

I'm not saying that Mick is the best driver on the grid (I think it's pretty clear he's not), but Steiner has to take a little responsibility for bringing in drivers who aren't quite ready. If they're not going to give them a chance to learn, it's going to be harder to bring in young talent who's scared of making a mistake.

Now... two kill two rumours with one stone, would Steiner rather have Ricciardo?  Haas might be a step below McLaren, but it's not a big step down, and room to move up if he can put in a good half season, and Haas can get back on their improving trajectory they were a few years ago.

Mick was a F2 and 3 champ so he should be doing
better. When your team mates beat you it's not good

If Danny leaves McLaren it will be to retirement. Look at
Vettel. It seems the skills to stay on top fade fast

There is still something to be said for the notion that this is really Mick's first season in a proper F1 car. Add to that Herr Steiner's sparkling personality that has made this shirt so popular amongst us Haas fans:


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