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Porpoising: Who's fixed it? Video comparing data of F1 teams.


John S:
Craig Scarborough and Sam Collins look at data to identify teams who seem to have overcome porpoising since start of New Gen cars.

Interesting to learn that running in clean air seems to increase potential for bouncing. Now who'd enjoy leading the race in a Haas which has probably the worst G effects of all, particularly later in the races.  :D

Merc suprisingly are not the most affected, well up to Barcelona that is.
Perhaps new directive will not be such a dire problem for them at a lot of smoother tracks, others may be penalised much more.

We'll have to wait and see - now did Merc factor in their better compliance at upcoming tracks and have sold a neat dummy to FIA?  :crazy: right.  :DntKnw:

Data the FIA collected at Baku showed the Mercs were the worst by 2 or 3 times. They registered impacts as high as 6G's.


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