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May 15, 2022, 04:02:21 PM by Jericoke
Views: 29 | Comments: 1

Wolff is worried that if Andretti joins F1 it will dilute the share of the F1 pie by 10% for the existing teams.  As such, Andretti must 'grow the pie' by at least that much to make it worthwhile for other teams to let them in.

I agree with Wolff's logic, but in what world does he think the Andretti team won't bring value to F1?  I mean, if it was JUST a name entering the sport (say, "Prost F1") with no experience running top tier championship teams, he'd have a case, but Andretti knows what's going on in F1. 

Conversely, no one is watching F1 because Wolff owns the Mercedes team.  If Andretti REPLACED Mercedes, I'd bet that F1 would be making more money.  In fact, I would posit that Andretti would bring more attention to the sport than any current team except Ferrari, Red Bull and maybe McLaren.

(Don't get me wrong, I think the 2022 line up of F1 teams is literally the most solid group in history.  All the teams are fully committed to the sport, and run like clockwork serious organizations.  Except maybe Aston Martin, although I think Stroll just needs to learn to back off and let the people he's hired do their jobs.  Follows in the footsteps of Mallya and Jordan I suppose)
May 11, 2022, 05:39:40 AM by lkjohnson1950
Views: 122 | Comments: 2

Most of the drivers want to get rid of the chicane in Miami. You know, the one where so many of them crashed. Oh yeah, they don't like the pavement either. Organizers say they're open to changes that will improve the circuit.
May 09, 2022, 09:12:45 AM by rmassart
Views: 145 | Comments: 5


Max - got a good start and never really looked back from there

Russell - called it perfectly: asked to stay out as long as possible and hope for a SC. The racing gods duly obliged :D

Turns 14 and 15 - as I understood they were designed to force driver errors. Seemed to work, so well done.

Bottas - I am happy seeing him up there with the Mercs. A few seconds behind Lewis: it's almost like he never left!  :DD


Ferrari - Whilst they came 2nd and 3rd, they are already on the back foot. They need to find some better pace and strategy to win this Championship.

Mercedes - asking Lewis whether to come in or doe not look good. Lewis has no data on which to make that split second decision. He should have been pitted for tires.

DRS and new car regulations - the two together don't work together for me. Max's pass on Leclerc was too easy. Without being able to follow cars closely, it was at least an effort to get into the DRS zone and then the 0.9s was often too far to make the pass stick, even for the faster car. Now they are often 0.4s behind when DRS is turned on. If they can't get rid of DRS, they should at least reduce it's effect.

DRS trains - related to the above, they simply aren't interesting!

Miami - personally I didn't like the look and feel of the event. Too much glitz and glamour without any historical reason for it - it's not Monaco! Without wanting to judge, the ticket prices seemed so high that few true race fans could probably attend. Those that did were maybe more interested in being there for the sake of being there than for the race.
John S
May 08, 2022, 03:50:19 PM by John S
Views: 80 | Comments: 1

Seems things are not all sweetness and light at AM road car operation.

Will Audi/VAG become white knight and take on the whole business just to get the F1 race team?
May 08, 2022, 01:53:19 PM by Dare
Views: 199 | Comments: 9

The were old enough to make our own choices is what
you hear about seatbelt laws here. They save lives
May 06, 2022, 08:56:26 PM by Dare
Views: 124 | Comments: 4

You think the bad car and Russel outpointing him
has a little to do with it?
John S
May 05, 2022, 02:27:50 PM by John S
Views: 307 | Comments: 15

Found this vid of Miami track with input from the track development firm.

Not sure where overtakes might occur other than at end of DRS zones, but we'll see - might turn out better than expected.

May 05, 2022, 01:56:35 PM by cosworth151
Views: 104 | Comments: 4

Haas boss Gunther Steiner thinks he knows why Mick Shumacher is having problems this season - and it's a good problem to have.

He's not used to driving a good, fast F1 car.

"It's new for (Mick) to use the car for an overtaking maneuver. Last season we only drove behind the others so he was rarely able to do that. But he wants to get better and is investing a lot of time in that."

It makes sense to me. I hope he's right.

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