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A shame they never investigated the 2021 result with such vigour.

Oh but they did Andy, and it resulted in the Race Directors departure.

Wonder if anyone will have to go this time - Susie, Stefano or even Toto?

Let's see what choices there may be if push come to shove - who'll go? :-

1 - Susie for passing on priveliged info, either way.
2 - Stefano for giving or receiving priveliged info.
3 - Toto for receiving/giving privileged info and stupidly using such info in plain sight.  :swoon:

or 4 - A reprimand for anyone if found to be involved, as long as they agree to stop it.  ;)

As they say 'you pays your money and takes your choice'.  :D 
A shame they never investigated the 2021 result with such vigour.
I have no idea what, if anything, was done wrong.

But having family/partners part of organizations that can't be sharing information is a bad look.

That being said why does FOM have secrets from the F1 teams?
There's plenty of smoke, seemingly eminating from a Team Principals meeting, but is there really a fire?   :DntKnw:

Merc F1 (Toto) & Susie Wolff are both highly indignant and have issued strong rebuttals, however did FIA really get a choice about investigating claims published in a BusinessF1 magazine article ( see web page link below, go to pages 10/11 of digital issue).

Oh yeah it's also another thing to add to the increasing pile of unrest between FIA & Liberty.  ::)

The FIA announced on Tuesday night that they were looking into allegations “of information of a confidential nature being passed to an F1 team principal from a member of FOM personnel” following a report from BusinessF1 magazine that focused on Wolff and his wife Susie.

The report claimed that Susie, in her capacity as F1 managing director shared information with her husband – something she has since denied – and that Wolff let something slip during a recent team principal meeting.

The credibility of BusinessF1 magazine has often been questioned, leading many to wonder why the FIA had decided to launch such an investigation but a source familiar with the situation has now told that, while the media report was part of the reason the FIA opened the investigation, it was also initiated due to multiple team principals raising complaints.

The same source also alleges that both F1 and Mercedes were sent legal letters from the FIA’s compliance officers at the same time the media statement was sent out. Mercedes, however, has denied this claim and says they have received no such letter.

Selected paras courtesy Sam Cooper,, Today.
General F1 Discussion / Re: Is 24 too many?
« Last post by Jericoke on December 05, 2023, 10:27:57 PM »
Before I've mentioned the American NFL as the pinnacle of sport in terms of getting maximum profit from their fan base.

The team that wins the Superbowl will have played 21 total games.  While there are multiple games per weekend, and often multiple days per week with a game, the pre-eminent sports entertainment has decided that fans want to spend 21 weeks watching the sport.  (And I believe this was hugely fought upgrade from 20)

General F1 Discussion / Re: Is 24 too many?
« Last post by Andy B on December 05, 2023, 07:57:18 PM »

Unfortunately I have to keep watching however many races there are, because of lawyers.

Does this mean you are paid to watch the races Ali?
I have never heard anyone say that!
General F1 Discussion / Re: Top Story of the 2023 Season?
« Last post by John S on December 05, 2023, 03:24:52 PM »
To address Jeri's original premise of top story I'd have to point to the 'Next of the rest' or 'Midfield Musical Chairs' element'.

Sometimes teams in F1 have to make their own fun and we certainly got that. Mercedes ended second overall almost purely by screwing up the least in 2023. Ferrari was awful to start the season but found some form to close out the year (That Brazil DNS for Leclerc is going to sting in the off-season). Aston Martin was the sexy newcomer to the scene in the first half of the year but then got completely overshadowed by McLaren having the best in-season turnaround I’ve ever seen.

After that I have to reference the continuing bad blood, nay brawl even, between the true owners of F1 (FIA) and the latest commercial interlopers (Liberty). The two sides of F1 were split apart for good reasons, well EU dictate actually, and should stay in there own areas. Something Liberty has been loathe to do in matters of Rules & Regs, believing instead that teams and drivers along with themselves count for more than the FIA. They've not been afraid to push that with their big PR machine either.

This arrogance from Liberty seems to have begun during the last stages of Todt's administration, whether he abeited them or was just too far down the retirement track to care is hard to say.

New boy Ben has been pushing back against his irreverant sidelining by Liberty, first from Brawn then Domenicalli; both ex-Team principals & rather prejudiced pro teams, probably also with axes still to grind from the look of it.
So Ben has chucked time bomb of Andretti entry right into their lap.

In my view Liberty has to think long and hard, a new Concorde is required in the coming year or 2 and these slow burn niggles might erupt into a wider conflict making a deal for all parties rather difficult.   
General F1 Discussion / Re: Top Story of the 2023 Season?
« Last post by Alianora La Canta on December 05, 2023, 11:29:25 AM »
You sure Binotto is headed to AT, Alia?  :confused:

Most reports I've seen say Laurent Mekies, former asst team principal & race director at Ferrari, is to take the reins alongside Peter Bayer post Tost.
Mekies is on gardening leave from Ferrari til end of year I think.

Um… [checks internet] OK, I see your point :D I thought I'd read Binotto had got a team leadership role there, but it looks like I messed up! It looks like Mattia has not said anything that would involve him re-emerging in the paddock. Granted, Alpha Tauri is still a good place to ask what happens if Ferrari is not cooking something good because I think Laurent leaving was part of the fallout from previous failures, but not for the reason I cited. (I'm also less positive about Alpha Tauri than I was, because I'm not sure Laurent is as good at that type of situation as Mattia is).

(Edited to make the quote attribution to make sense; apologies to anyone who came here from Twitter and got confused)
General F1 Discussion / Re: Is 24 too many?
« Last post by Alianora La Canta on December 05, 2023, 11:19:27 AM »
24 is definitely too many. I've yet to see proof the FIA can handle more than 20 rounds, let alone anyone else. (The fans may be the most resilient part of the equation, but if they are left wanting more after a 15-20* race season, use the opportunity to show other motorsports too - they might get interested!)

* - 15 is the minimum number of races F1 needs to uphold its TV contracts, 20 is the maximum number of F1 races the FIA has proved it can handle. No point holding more than 20 races when it results in race governance being botched. Why the FIA is less resilient than its NASCAR counterpart is a whole different kettle of fish…

At this point, it's become a struggle to watch all 46 highlights programs Channel 4 offers (qualifying and the race; the British Grand Prix is shown live on all sessions, but that feels completely different because it's worth taking time off work for 1 race fully screened live). It doesn't help that I am often expected to watch the Sky live qualifying at someone else's house as well, but even if I was not, it would still be a problem. I have to admit there's been a few rounds this year where I've had to either delay watching the highlights or (in one case) skip it because the broadcast ended up clashing with work and spoilers were unavoidable (thank you Microsoft and your assumption that everyone wants news shoved up their nose when opening a new tab, and thank you work for having some programs only work in Edge and opening the new tab as part of their launch process). If it weren't for work making spoilers inevitable, I might have watched that race later, but in the end I felt better for not putting myself through that.

Unfortunately I have to keep watching however many races there are, because of lawyers.

The numbers are quite clear that fans are switching off in large numbers everywhere except the USA and China - the former for several reasons (including American fans having more tolerance for watching part-seasons and also fans starting to watch F1 for the first time mid-season due to social media buzz about the drivers' off-track situations - I've now heard of 10 or so American fans who only started watching in the last 6 races and were asking to be caught up on what happened earlier in the year) and China because the fanbase there had got to such a low point that the fact Guanyu Zhou has a seat is enough to raise audiences. I've also noticed that in some areas, there's been a switch from overnight to 30-day figures, and a move to include online catch-up services, to generate the numbers. This indicates that F1 on this many races is not appointment TV, but is something to slot in when there's time in the same way that a drama might be slotted in at the viewer's convenience.

As for numbers through the gate, it looks like third-party resellers are a big factor now. Hard to come up with another explanation why so many sold-out venues in places with no tradition of last-minute changes-of-mind have such a large number of empty seats. Las Vegas was the most blatant example. Allegedly sold out all weekend, but people in outlying grandstands got moved to the main one for qualifying to fill gaps, resulting in half-full non-main grandstands - despite a lot of tickets being sold for those grandstands at a steep discount in the fortnight preceding the race. Costco was an example reseller for COTA and it's been an increasing trend for several years at European mainland venues (especially the ones that are less frequented by Max's Orange Army and aren't Monaco).

Sprint races seem to have made the situation worse rather than better, with a lot of the people I see ignoring or complaining about them (and certainly not watching them).
General F1 Discussion / Re: Is 24 too many?
« Last post by Dare on December 05, 2023, 02:19:48 AM »
20 years ago I couldn't get enough F1. I'd tape the practices
and rewatch them just for the Speed Channel Commentary.
Now watching the start and finish of each race is plenty for me.
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