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Replying to Old Posts/Subjects is Welcomed at GPW

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F1FanaticBD asked me today (via PM) if it was OK to reply to some old posts on the forum. I thought that others may be thinking the same so I thought it best to make my reply public so that every member (old or new) knows where they stand.

Its great that BD is taking such an interest in 'the old' GPW posts. When I started the site I had a firm belief that members would be able to say whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, as long as it wasn't offensive or abusive.

Some forums force members to stick to the original subject but I like to think that every new topic is like the start of a new conversation. If a topic begins about Vettel and ends up on gardening then thats probably the path the conversation would have taken in real life. That's how it should be, everyone chatting away and the conversation taking it's natural course. F1 is purely the common interest that first brings us together - an ice breaker if you like.

Any member should feel free to post in any topic that they see fit - old or new. I guarantee nobody will get irritated or annoyed. It would be great to see members opinions on things that have already been discussed and I'm sure we will resurrect some posts that the others have missed.

Post away my friends.

All the best from everyone at Wiz mansion.  ;)

First of all thanks to Wizzo for the clarification, and it was a relief that I am not doing something Wizzo don't want, and delighted that Wizzo encourages to do the same.

With some post I think, the progression of events does give us a perspective how things change over the course of time. I am sure all the events also have their post, but to keep alive the earlier post, does seems to me a fun thing to do.

There are many people who knows F1 racing by their heart, so making those topics alive we might able to celebrate our favorite moments once more.

To new members the old posts are new so tell us
what you think.

We have many, many old posts that are on subjects that are still of interest. don't think of them as "old", think of them as "vintage." (Just like many of our old "posters".  ;)  )

Retro  ;)


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