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The all new GPWizard F1 Chat Room has now been installed.  :yahoo:

PC & Mac Users
You will see the 'Chat Bar' at the bottom of your screen at all times when you are viewing any page on GPW (apart from Grid Game pages). To the RIGHT is the main Chat Room, simply click on it to go straight into the F1 Chat Room.

You also have the 'Chat' to the right of the chat bar. Click on this to see who is available for a chat and/or chat to them on a 'one on one' basis.

Mobile Users
Yes the new chat room works on virtually all mobile devices!  Simply access GPWizard in the normal way.

Other Features
There are many other features in the new 'Chat Bar' such as translating any language into your language therefore allowing us to truly chat on an international level. Plus games are available to play between members on those dark winter nights.

I hope you all use/like this new Chat facility as these things don't come cheaply. Enjoy everyone, if you have any comments or questions then please let me know.


Shame I can't get a decent stream, really missed the old chatroom. Good one Wiz.  :good:

Thanks, Wizzo!!!  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

You're the best!

You might want to check the translation feature. I typed in "Howdy, Y'all!" and it came up, "Pip Pip, Chaps!." 

That's the English translation Cos.  :crazy:



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