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Hi Everyone,

Long time no see!

Hope everyone is staying safe in this Covid world.

We are having to move the site to a new server which I was planning to do sometime in the next few weeks but I've just had notice that it must be complete by the 28th.

This has coincided with some other work coming in which can't be put off so basically I am starting the migration tomorrow afternoon.

The site will be down from approximately 13:30 tomorrow until the migration is complete. Once the site is "live" on the new server it could take another 24-48 hours to become accessible to all users.

You also might need to do a "hard refresh" to help it along. This is done differently in different browsers so probably best if you Google it e.g. hard refresh google chrome (or whichever browser you use).

All things considered, the site could be down for anywhere between a few hours and a few days depending on your individual circumstances and how long the backup and upload takes. Please just check back in as you normally would and do a hard refresh to see if we're back.

See you on the other side...

Got it. Thanks, Slugs!

Good to hear from you again. Don't be a stranger!  :good:

Strap in we go!  :good:


Hey peeps,

So, after a couple of little niggles I think everything is back up and running.
If you can now access the site you should be seeing it on the new server.
Let us know if you find any errors or anything that's not working and we'll get it fixed :-)

Don't know if it's intentional, but I can't see the old sidebar, gridgame countdown, donation box, etc. nor can I find an unread topics button.   :DntKnw:


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