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In Memory of HRH The Prince Philip


John S:
R.I.P. your Royal Highness. You stood beside our Queen and our country with your steadfast loyalty and service for over 70 years. Memories of your acheivements will not fade lightly. 

So pleased you have honoured His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh's memory by putting his photo on the website Wizzo.

A man history shall long remember. His service in the Royal Navy during and after World War 2, while often understandably overshadowed by his seven decades as Prince Consort, would have been a lifetime's worth of achievement in its self.

He was a man with a tremendous sense of duty. He also was known for his frankness and his great sense of humor. While the former sometimes ruffled the feathers of some, the later more than smoothed things over.

R.I.P. your Royal Highness.

Andy B:
I second all the above an outstanding Gentleman.

One helluva great man, R.I.P Sir.


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