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Sam Schmidt dances at his daughter's wedding.


20 years ago Sam Schmidt was an Indy Car driver. He was testing for the 2000 season when he crashed...hard. Indy safety EMTs had to resuscitate him before rushing him to the hospital by helo. He had virtually the same injury as Chris Reeve; doctors thought his life would be short and wheelchair bound. They were right about the chair. Though now a quadriplegic, he soon got back to racing and founded Schmidt Peterson Racing. Years go by and McLaren wants to race Indy Cars so they buy an interest in SPR and it becomes Arrow McLaren Racing. But what is Arrow? A tech company, they design and build a Corvette Sam can drive by moving his head. He challenges them to build an exo-skeleton that will allow him to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. Here's what happened:


People dismiss autoracing as a trivial rich person's sports.

Yet when you spend a ton of money to gather great engineering minds together, great things can come of it.  Zanardi using his ability to communicate with engineers to create better prosthetics and wheel chairs.  Schmidt giving a mission (and funding) to a group of people who trust and respect him can make the world better for thousands.


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