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Title: Should Kimi hang up his F1 helmet sooner rather than later?
Post by: John S on July 05, 2021, 05:18:24 PM
With another rather underwhelming weekend, ending with a stupid shunt in Austria, is it time for Kimi to step down or be moved aside at Alfa?

His performance in Portugal was also embarrassing and his Quali record against Gio this term is frankly unacceptable from a team leader. Has he lost the spark, speed and race craft we've always admired him for?  :confused:

I know all sports people can go through a loss of form but I think it's more than that, IMHO Kimi has lost his Mojo and it's age related.  :(

I reckon Fred Vasseur should give Kimi until the Dutch GP to shape up or be replaced.
Think it's only fair to let Kimi experience Zandvoort if it may be his last hurrah in an F1 race, he's never driven an F1 car there - but then all the other drivers on the present grid haven't either.  ;)

Should Alfa/Sauber be that sentimental about Kimi the Legend, maybe he should go sooner?  :DntKnw:  What does anyone else think? 
Title: Re: Should Kimi hang up his F1 helmet sooner rather than later?
Post by: Jericoke on July 05, 2021, 05:32:17 PM
Alfa Romeo isn't going to win, no matter who is driving it.

So what are their future plans?  Are they trying to raise money to build the team?  Hard to think a promising rookie will bring in more money than a beloved WDC.

If they think the team is ready for 'the next level', then it is time to bring in a promising rookie so they're ready to race for wins when the team is ready to race for wins.

I am curious what Kimi sees his future is.  A private retirement where no one ever hears from him?  I wouldn't be surprised.  Team ownership/management?  Niki Lauda was a huge presence and part of Mercedes becoming a winning outfit.  Maybe he'll run lower series, just enjoying driving.  There's plenty of people older than Kimi running as amateur racers.
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