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Google Pack - Now free!


Google Pack is an idea so simple it's a wonder no-one's already thought of it. Bundle together a group of 13 programs, all designed to make your computer easier to manage, search and secure. Stuff them into an easy-to-use downloader and flog them for, well, free.  :o

It's Google's own software that will really make a difference to your everyday PC use. Google Toolbar blocks pop-ups, allows spellchecking of browser textboxes and has a Google search box built in, while Picasa is a superb image-browsing utility. Google Desktop delivers a wide range of online content to your Desktop, and the Google Pack Screensaver is an exceptionally simple but fun screensaver that creates montages from the pictures in any folder you choose.


Picasa is the bees knees. We use that ;D


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