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Ipod, pretty in pink


If you are one of the poor souls on this planet who has to go to work in a necktie, you have our deepest sympathy.  :'(

But wait.....there is a light at the end of that long, long dark tunnel.

Luxury shirt maker Thomas Pink has come to the working gentís aid with an iPod porting tie.  8)

The Commuter Tie, has a little pouch on the reverse with just enough room for a Nano or a shuffle or any other tiny MP3 player you care to keep about your person. It also sports a little iPod head brace so your little jukebox doesnít fall out in transit. Plus thereís another little strap of fabric higher up through which you can thread your wires and keep all and sundry neatly tucked out of the preying eyes of thieves/your boss.

Itís a commuterís dream. The tie comes in pink, red, and navy and will set you back a tidy £49.  :o


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