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Quidco Cashback - Get Paid When You Shop!


I've was recommended Quidco a few months ago by a friend who had received 800 cash back from the purchases he had made on-line. So I signed up for free and started to use Quidco wherever I could for my on-line purchases.

So far I have received over 200 cash back! The biggest saving was from the RAC. I needed breakdown cover for a new car which came to 150. I ordered the service through Quidco and I received 75 cash back!

There are thousands of shops that have signed up for the service and most of the savings are in the form of small percentages, (normally between 2%-10% off), this may not seem like a lot BUT if you're going to buy the item anyway then why not get some money back?

Quidco is free and simple to use. With Christmas around the corner, you're guaranteed to save some money. Find out more here.

Happy Shopping!


Any point outside the UK? 

This was a .com website so I was unsure what you guys would see when accessing it from outside the uk.

Its worth looking for similar sites in your relevant countries.  :good:



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