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GPW Get Together at Goodwood?

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To see how much interest there would be...no commitment necessary, just if you would be interested in going if the dates worked out, or I find you have preference of one event over another...indicate if you already have plans to attend one of them.

Would love to go to either, but alas, the distance is too great and the bank account too small.   :'(

Alas, my answer is unfortunately similar to lkjohnson1950 above!!

Over here in Western Canada and put a fair dent in our bank account after a necessary 6 week trip to Scotland a couple of years back.

Sorry!  :(

Priorities, priorities  ;) ;)

Kinda figured this would be mostly interesting to the UK members.  But in case you suddenly win a jackpot...

I can't go to the festival of speed but the revival is a possibility.



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