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Fancy driving a real F1 car on track? Well you can now in Britain


John S:
At Bovingdon Airfield to be precise. The carís original Honda V10 engine has been replaced with a 3-litre Judd, requiring visible changes to the engine cover, and cutting power from 835bhp to 600bhp. Other than that it's a 2002 Jordan EJ12 F1 chassis in its classic yellow Jordan colours as driven by Takuma Sato.

Special note:- There is no collision damage waiver available for this experience and a refundable security deposit must be made.  :swoon:


I've forwarded the link to my daughter & grand daughter under the header "Fathers Day."

No damage waiver - so it must be the old Pottery Barn system:

You Break It - You Bought It!  :swoon:


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