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Title: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: Jericoke on April 16, 2018, 02:41:26 AM
Sometimes it's really easy to pick out the heroes.  Sometimes it's really easy to pick out the zeroes.  China 2018 is one of those times.

Danial Ricciardo, he came very close to having a disastrous weekend while his crew scrambled to prepare his car for qualifying.  Instead, he goes out, makes the best use of a lot of zeroes, has the drive of his life giving us more entertaining passing that some drivers provide in an entire career.  He earned his bootful of champagne today!

As good as Ricciardo was today, he benefited greatly from everyone else having a bad race.  Bottas and Hamilton just couldn't seem to get their cars to do what they want.  Kimi may be famous for his "I know what I'm doing" reply, but today he followed some pretty dumb orders and was only saved by everyone else's lacklustre racing.  Toro Rossos crashing into each other.  Williams making us wonder if they're even trying.  McLaren and Haas cruising around doing what's expected of them.  Congratulations on being better in 2018, but are you already resting on your laurels?

And of course, zero of zeroes:  Max Verstappen.  I understand that he's young and impatient and wants to prove how great he is.  I don't understand why no one can explain to him that a great racer finishes races.  He's not some weekend warrior on a kart track trying to barge his way to victory; he's responsible for one of the most expensive, exclusive and fragile race cars in the world.  Please act like it.
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: Calman on April 16, 2018, 03:12:13 AM

We went from a particularly boring race ... to hmm, some interest, to safety car .... to bonza!!!!!

For all "F1 fans" .. Danny Rics win is a hugely popular one ... and I for one, am more than happy to see him on the top step of the podium.  Max, yeah, tough one, I could see why he made the early move, as it looked like Seb was running wide and leaving the door open, but by the time than Max committed to the gap, it looked like a stock car maneuver in a heart beat ... and a very unpopular one by all accounts!!!

Regardless, refreshing to see a mixed up finishing order, a step back from Mercedes dominance, mixed fortunes for Ferrari and an "involved" race for Red Bull ... bring on more of the same in two weeks time!!

All the  best,
Cal :)
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: lkjohnson1950 on April 16, 2018, 05:13:28 AM
Here's one to mull over: Did the Toro Rossos crash to give Red Bull a chance to win? R/B certainly was ready to jump on a tire change!
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: Scott on April 16, 2018, 06:58:28 AM
hehe...I was considering posting the same conspiracy.  Could have sworn the RBR team was already out in the pit lane, but that could be because they already had recognised that there was so much debris they would HAVE to call out a SC.  Just so happened they lucked out that the SC came out after the Ferraris and Mercs had crossed the SC line.
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: guest3164 on April 16, 2018, 08:34:13 AM
Ricciardo- Great drive by a great driver.  Any win requires some luck as well as judgement and Daniel pulled off a very good race. 

Safety Car- For mixing things up and making the end of the race more interesting.

Hulkenberg- A quiet race but finished well for Renault.


Verstappen- I don't want him to change, but he needs to learn to be a bit more like his teammate in spotting when to overtake and when not to t-bone a rival.

Ferrari/Mercedes strategists- Really not on the ball today and handed the win to Red Bull. 

Williams- My lot suck. 

Me- My Grid Picks are as bad as Williams'  FW41.
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: Robem64 on April 16, 2018, 11:15:17 AM
1. Dan Ric - great race, great overtakes and controlled aggression - the Honey Badger at his best
2. The RBR pit crew - for the 3 hr engine change in 2 hours and for the double stack pit stop smoothness

1. Gasly (ghastly) - high to desperate low.....and also coming on team radio trying to blame Hartley. Bad form.
2. Max - see 1 above, controlled measured aggression is the way to go. Max lost a podium here and probably a win himself
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: cosworth151 on April 16, 2018, 02:56:42 PM
Danny Ric - for all of the reasons listed above, and special high marks for that four wheel drift out of the garage in Q1.  :yahoo:

Danny Ric's pit crew - for an unbelievable turn around of the car between FP3 & Q1.

RBR - For sending Danny Ric's crew chief to the podium to pick up the Constructor's Trophy. Classy move (even if it meant that he had to drink a "shoey").  :good:

Max - For the above reasons, although I did read that he apologized to Lewis and says he needs to "analyze his approach to overtaking."
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: Calman on April 17, 2018, 06:30:40 AM

>Danny Ric (self explanatory)
>Alonso (as I feel that to some degree, Fernando's result this past weekend was better than McLaren's set up for the Chinese GP - just look at how far back Stoffel finished, unless he had issues I missed?).


Gasly - same reasons as highlighted above!
Mr Chase .... as I felt he was being a little "smug" on his reaction/response to Martin Brundle's question regarding any new race deals).  Say what you like about Bernie, but at least the few words he would have used, we would have learned something, right?

All the best,
Cal :) 
Title: Re: China 2018 Heroes and Zeroes
Post by: Alianora La Canta on April 17, 2018, 08:31:45 AM

Daniel Riccardo - cheerfully out-raced everybody.

Red Bull - super-fast engine change and being one of the few teams to get the strategy calls right enabled the race win.

Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez - for managing to fight each other for half the race without contacting each other's cars once. (My standards are low when it comes to those two).


Max Verstappen - two separate silly incidents that were driven by an apparent lack of common sense. F1 cars have brakes for a reason, and Vettel is not going to change the line he'd been using for many laps by that point, by telepathically picking up that you want a certain space when you are a long way from that space...

Pierre Gasly - hero to zero. I really don't get why that particular team-mate collision was necessary.

Ferrari, Mercedes, Haas and probably some other teams - for not giving themselves the necessary strategic flexibility for the race by using up all their softs in qualifying and/or free practise.
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