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2015 Advent Competition.

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As regular members know its around this time of the year that I try to drive you insane with the Advent Competition.

I regret to inform you that this year will be different. Some of you may know that my daughter is extremely ill and looking after her and the three grandchildren has taken up much of my personal time over the past two years.

This year I just cannot afford the time to organise and run a 24 day long competition. So later in December I will organise a Christmas competition for regular members.

I know the Advent Competition as become a tradition and a 'signature' of GPWizard so I apologise if any of you have been 'in training' for this event.

Please continue to visit GPWizard throughout December and the winter months for competitions, news and general larking about.  ::)


We all wish the best for all of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you & your family. Family always comes first.

As for the Advent Competition, my shrink will appreciate having the holiday season off.

Take care of your family before everything.  I join Cos and the rest of your GPW family in wishing you and yours the very best through difficult times. 

I'm not sure I was ready for the advent competition this year either.  Life has gotten quite crazy around here as well. 

Wiz, you have nothing to apologise for, your family must always come first. My very best wishes for your daughter and the rest of your family.

What they said!! Know that if love and prayer count you are well backed.


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