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Fancy winning a cool F1 prize before Christmas? Perhaps its about time we had a competition. All you have to do is put your thinking caps on and write a funny caption for the picture below.

The prize is a generous goodie bag for the F1 team of your choice. It will consist of things like an umbrella, mug, cap, keyrings etc. Plus 2,500 GPWizard credits to spend.

The competition is free to enter and the funniest comment (in my humble opinion) will be named as the winner on 12th December 2016.

Remember you can post as many captions as you like!

Good luck!


No brain damage this year then Wiz  :tease:

Don't worry Lewis, I won't Tweet this out if you let me win today!

"Blackberry is going to quit making phones?  Funny you should bring up quitting..."

See!  I only have to come in's mine baby, all mine.


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