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Here is another little bit of fun for you.

The idea is to perform a funny interview with Bernie Ecclestone. I should have called it an interview with a vampire!

How to play
One GPWizard member asks a question to Bernie and then another member posts the answer that he thinks Bernie would reply with. You can have as many questions and answers as you like.

The Prize
The TWO players that post the funniest Q&A combination (in my opinion) will win some F1 goodies for a team of their choice.

The competition will finish on Christmas Eve.

Here he is. Mr Ecclestone has promised in this interview to answer any question regarding F1, his money or his even personal life.

Have fun!


Hi Bernie, thanks for coming.  Are you comfortable?  Can I get you a glass of Martini water?  Ok, lets get started...

It seems that there is no clear leader of FOM next year.  Who is this guy Chase and are you two going to get a couch for next season or are you actually going to give up your chair?

Chase who? Oh, him. How many pretenders have there been over the years. He's just this year's version of Prof. Van Helsing, or maybe I should say Nancy Thompson. In the end, I always return.

Bernie I know our readers are curious but how does a man of
your age,stature,and looks always have suck nice looking spouses?

Well Dare, I'm sure that you've seen my autobiographical movie, under the sudonym of Austin Powers?. Seriously, we had to write it so it it might appear to be a little less unbelievable than my true life story.... no prizes for guessing just who Dr Evil is based on, let's just say he 'maxed' the role, and then some..... but about me and the luvverly ladeeez, as the saying goes, 'danger is my middle name' and they like that, and of course the motorhome, and then there's the smell of Castrol R in my pomade.

Bernie, you'll have heard it said the come the nuclear apocalypse, the only creatures left in command will be Cher, Scorpions, and maybe, yourself. Do you accept that the teams will then need to adapt to a fossil fuel free future?


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