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The Neverending F1 Word Association Game!


Hi folks!

First of all, I hope I am posting this topic in the right area? (proceed with  |-( if not)

It's basically a fun little game where A story is started "one line at a time" and each member follows up with line to add to the ongoing "never ending plot".  The only stipulation being, your sentence MUST include an everyday English word, which is themed on ANYTHING F1 (you are permitted to include the "key word(s)" even if they sound obviously similar to ANYTHING F1.

Okay, so let's hope this makes sense as I attempt to get things underway with my 1st line.

"While walking in the countryside this morning, I took a Stroll up a lane, where a man was sitting painting Herb-Art ..."


.. I guess this isn't everyone's cuppa tea then eh?   :o   (can't win 'em all)  :DD

All the best,
Cal :)


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