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Grosjean Wrecks IndyCar Pace Car


This was a first. A regular feature of pre-race TV broadcasts here in the States is having a driver do a lap of the track in the pace car (aka safety car in the rest of the world). Romain Grosjean did it for this past weekend's race at Laguna Seca. He put the pace car into the tire barrier at the entry to the pit lane.

Seriously, Grosjean has become a very popular driver in IndyCar. He finished third at Laguna and got the biggest cheers of anyone on the podium.

He did get a little lesson in American style racing from former NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson in The Corkscrew:

John S:
What a t*t!  :fool:   See 'Wrecker' Romain is still true to form.  ::)


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