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Title: W Series just starting on ch4 womens F3 racing
Post by: Ian on May 04, 2019, 03:07:04 PM
Sounds good, 1st race is Hochenheim.
Title: Re: W Series just starting on ch4 womens F3 racing
Post by: Ian on May 04, 2019, 04:16:18 PM
Was a good race, was won by a Brit, Jamie Chadwick, it was better than some of the F1 races we've seen. Next race is in two weeks time at Zolder, Belgium.
Title: Re: W Series just starting on ch4 womens F3 racing
Post by: John S on May 04, 2019, 06:22:12 PM
I saw it as well Ian, you're right good race but the commentary was lousy, if that lady had said historic one more time I would have deserted the race 3/4 way through.

Lee and Ted opened the show well only for the broadcast to go downhill, from a sound point of view, once the race started.

Find it a bit difficult telling the drivers apart when on track as they all have standard liveries in about four colours, sometimes four identically couloured cars were fighting for the same place.
They all have to change cars and engineers next race so we'll have to go through spotting them in differing colours again.  :confused: 
Title: Re: W Series just starting on ch4 womens F3 racing
Post by: Alianora La Canta on May 06, 2019, 01:27:43 PM
I found it horrendous, and am surprised the series didn't get slated.

There was not a single true statement in the opening screed. The marketing appeared to be a combination of erroneous statements and lack of optimisation (the latter was exemplified by the selection process - there was lots of scope to do more than a three-minute birds-eye view) The sound was awful, giving me earache before the race began - and it still didn't mask that the F3 car was heavily detuned. The detuned car meant that the good drivers couldn't show that they were better than the people jumping from karts to an F3 car.

I had more information about the drivers when I went to Mini Sevens in 2017 than was provided here, making the race virtually impossible to follow from the timing screen and giving little differentiation or reason to care about anyone in particular. People seemed either enthusiastic or informed, but only Ted Kravitz was both. It didn't seem like the commentators had been briefed because they kept resorting to speculative analogies on matters where there should really have been direct knowledge of the series. The driver-car matches were the most glaring examples of this - some obvious-to-commentator method of spotting who was who should have been in place, so even if spectators had no idea who was who, commentators didn't have to resort to sheer guesswork. I could not see any redeeming elements to what was provided, and I think it's about to send 22 careers down the toilet. (Particularly annoying since if Jaime were male, I think she'd be a DTM driver this year).

You won't be surprised to hear I will not be watching any subsequent rounds. Dad wants to give it one more go, simply to see whether they improve.

I'm still trying to see where the overtaking was happening, because I think I saw three passes during the entire race (two of those being effectively due to one driver missing their braking point and later getting the place back in a way that had felt inevitable). Mainline F3 races tend to have lots of overtaking, but this one did not - probably due to the car's depowered nature.
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