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Title: Fatal F2 crash - trying to make sense of what took place
Post by: John S on September 03, 2019, 02:01:35 PM
Warning Explicit Crash scenes towards end of Youtube Video

I am putting this video up as it gives us all a much better insight into what went on leading up to the Fatal crash on Saturday at Spa. (The poster on YouTube has included animation and actual footage to give a much clearer understanding of what took place). I have gained a much better understanding of what happened from this video, however I leave others to draw their own conclusions.

It seems Giuliano Alesi, gets into trouble in Eau Rouge because of a puncture triggering a chain reaction.
We donít know what caused the puncture. Itís possible that debris was the fault of someone else, there was some contact between Mick Schumacher and Nicholas Latifi in the La Source hairpin.
After the puncture on the left side, Alesi crests the hill above Eau Rouge, spins and spills pieces of carbon fibre across the track. We then see the rear wing of Alesiís car fly across the road. Ralph Boschung is the first driver to reach the scene of the accident (the creator of the youtube video is aware that they mistook Ralph for Dorian Boccolacci). The Swiss driver moves to the right into the tamac run-off, taking his foot off the pedal to slow down.
Meanwhile Hubert has yet to reach the top of the crest and is completely unaware of the incident in time, eventually seeing the slower Boschung, and pulls to the right but still makes minor contact on the front wing, completely unloading the front axle. Hubert hits tyre wall hard and rebounds into the tarmac run off. At that moment, Correa appears on this line at full throttle, noticing too late to do anything apart from hit the pink chassis of Hubert.

Looks like Correa was a passenger just as much as Hubert in this horrific incident, not sure any driver can have blame attached to them.

Could old fashioned gravel have stopped Hubert rebounding so much, should the tyre barrier engulf more rather than allowing the bounce, should Eau Rouge be slowed a bit by putting some of the curve back into it?  All questions for the FIA to answer in the inquiry.   

Title: Re: Fatal F2 crash - trying to make sense of what took place
Post by: Scott on September 03, 2019, 04:44:23 PM
I also came across that video and another on thejudge. 

There is probably nothing that could have really prevented it with the current track configuration.

Of your suggestions, I would lean towards a barrier type that smothers the car, not allowing for a rebound.  Another option is a much wider tarmac area at that blind point to both make it much more unlikely that a car would rebound so close to the racing line, along with giving drivers a bit more room to play with if they come across something in their path. 

I hope they donít actually slow the cars with more of a curve, Eu Rouge is so much of what Spa is about.
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