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Title: 2021 Brakes
Post by: lkjohnson1950 on November 02, 2019, 05:34:54 AM
F1 did not get to standardize brakes under the new rules, though they intend to try again in 2023, so they have added a rule mandating a 3 place grid penalty for using more than 1 set of discs and pads per race. Fronts and rears are counted separately so you could get a 6 place drop for changing both. The rule is calculated on a season long basis, so you can change a set without penalty if you can stretch another set to 2 races. They just don't understand they feeling of the fans about grid penalties. (
Title: Re: 2021 Brakes
Post by: John S on November 02, 2019, 11:52:58 AM
I kinda get what they are trying to do, but without knowing how many Discs and pads teams currently use at a race weekend it's hard to tell if this will cause much upset. 

I'm also puzzled,  :confused: I can see restricting Discs could have a case, but why only one set of pads, surely heavy wear safety parts like that should not be restricted?
Is there something about high tech 'carbon-to-carbon' brakes in F1 that means the discs & pads have to be replaced together?   :DntKnw:

Addendum: having trawled the net a bit more it seems this one set per race may be FIA's way of nudging teams towards Carbon/Ceramic brakes, under a 'more road-relevant strategy', after being forced to pull the standard F1 brakes proposal.
Could also save a lot on cost too, if Discs can last 6 or 7 races as suggested by Brembo in this quote from
"Carbon-ceramic brakes have most of the benefits of carbon-carbon discs but are more durable because the ceramics used in their production helps with thermal shock resistance.
The extra life also means there is less carbon dust released during their use, which has environmental benefits.
Asked about the possibility of brake discs lasting as many as seven grands prix, Almondo said: Its possible absolutely.
I will also add that carbon ceramic does not emit [carbon] particles as much, so it would be more green. Yes it is a material that weighs more, but it could have the same performance even in F1. The weight may be an issue that we face, but its something we could talk about.

Extract from 'F1 could move to carbon-ceramic brakes in future' courtesy Jonathan Noble,, 16th June 2019.
Title: Re: 2021 Brakes
Post by: cosworth151 on November 02, 2019, 03:10:03 PM
They just don't understand the feeling of the fans about grid penalties.

I often feel that they don't understand the fans at all.

Maybe somebody should tell them the single seat, open cockpit, open wheel layout isn't really a "road-relevant" format. F1 is supposed to push the boundaries of automotive engineering. GT cars are the "road-relevant" branch of motorsports.
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