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Title: Honda to get wind early
Post by: Wizzo on May 01, 2006, 09:01:22 AM

Honda F1 Team will have use of their new wind tunnel a full three months early, and that means the RA106 will see the first benefits. The tunnel should be up and running early in May, and fully calibrated by the end of July, three months ahead of the original target, and Geoffrey Willis is sure that the tunnel will directly influence the development direction of the RA106.
"By the end of August or early September we can perhaps have the first fruits of the new wind tunnel on the car," Willis explained to

The tunnel should be a huge benefit to the Brackley based squad, with aerodynamics being a critical part of the performance equation.

"If you analyse how one can make the largest progress as a team from week to week," continues Willis, "then the aerodynamics is the most important place. That is the key element. Each restriction of testing increases the usefulness of a wind tunnel. We've carried out great work already with resources we have available but, with better resources, we expect still more performance."
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