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Title: Retro Vespa
Post by: Wizzo on May 27, 2006, 04:09:29 PM

Vespa celebrates its 60th in time honoured fashion – by retiring and buying a vineyard in the south of France. Having remained virtually unchanged for the entire six decades, Vespa is celebrating in style by nipping back in time and plucking two scooters from yesteryear before giving them a modern-day makeover.

The GT60 and Vintage Vespas both doff a cap to bygone years and, frankly, look the business.  8)


You can bag a Vintage in either LXV (50cc and 125cc) or GTV (125cc and 250cc) trim or, if you’re the sort of person who is attracted to exclusivity like a wasp to an innocent bystander, then you can also grab one of only 999 GT60s in the whole, like, world.

Each GT60 comes with individually numbered plates, engraved with the owner’s initials, a certificate reminding you of just how limited edition your two-wheeled buddy is, an exclusive book on Vespa’s history, and a concept sketch of the GT60 by Italian design fella Marco Lambri.

Got your wallet with you? Good, good. Prices are:

Vespa LXV 50cc £2399
Vespa LXV 125cc £2999
Vespa GTV 125cc £3399
Vespa GT60 250cc £4099
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