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Title: BMW now gives you wings
Post by: Wizzo on July 11, 2006, 06:00:22 PM
After being told to make changes to the rear-wing of their F1 car, BMW-Sauber are now preparing to unveil several new aerodynamic innovations on the F1.06 this weekend in France.

the team’s car will sport two new vertical fins which made an appearance at last week’s F1 test session in Jerez, Spain. The car will also sport the “viking horns” on the engine intake cover which has been a staple of the McLaren-Mercedes car the past few seasons.

A source within the BMW-Sauber team says they have been given clearance by FIA to use the new aerodynamic parts following suggestions that they could be banned on safety grounds.

Personally I don’t like additional wings ‘sticking out’ all over the place. F1 cars in my opinion are beautiful and should stay that way. If teams are allowed to put wings anywhere they liked then most F1 cars would look like hedgehogs!  :stop:

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