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Title: Ferrari to come out fighting
Post by: Wizzo on October 24, 2006, 03:52:10 PM

Jean Todt is confident that Ferrari will survive the loss of Michael Schumacher and is confident that Ferrari will come out with all guns blazing in 2007 to win races and titles.

"We have about five months before we will start another Championship, so we will do our best to start better than we did this year, because we know how important it can be to score points at the beginning of the Championship," he said.

"It will definitely be different, it will never be the same without Michael, particularly for the people who have been working, like me, so many years.

"We have been building, creating such a fantastic collaboration, even if Michael will remain in the family, which will be a big asset for all the company, for all the team, but it will definitely be different.

"We will try our best, as we have always been doing, sometimes with great success, sometimes without success."

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