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Title: Peter Sauber will try to save Hinwil
Post by: Scott on August 02, 2009, 12:41:49 PM
In the news here, he has been interviewed numerous times and he is just devastated that this has happened.  Part of his sale agreement with BMW was that they continue to use the Hinwil factory for everything but the engine design.  There was also an agreement to continue to employ the majority of its staff, but either the time limit is up, or BMW is reneging on their agreement with him.

From F1 Live:

Peter Sauber has ruled out returning to F1 as a team owner and boss, but amid BMW's impending withdrawal insists he will try hard to safeguard the Hinwil-based outfit he founded in 1993.

The 65-year-old Swiss sold his independent outfit to the Munich manufacturer in late 2005, and admitted last Wednesday that BMW's decision to quit in the middle of its fourth championship campaign was a total surprise.

"One thing is clear: I will do everything possible to save the jobs of my former employees," Sauber told Auto Bild.

But despite his ongoing 20 percent ownership in the team that still bears his name, warned: "I cannot perform a miracle, and no longer will I be the chief on the pitwall. 
"I have told people that I will use all my contacts, but that guarantees nothing," Sauber continued. "I'm just a consultant. Ultimately, only BMW in Munich can decide how to proceed."

He said he does not know what is going to happen next, admitted a Honda/Brawn solution is an option, and insists that "time is short, a solution must be on the table as quickly as possible".

Title: Re: Peter Sauber will try to save Hinwil
Post by: cosworth151 on August 02, 2009, 05:17:21 PM
I truly hope they can do it. I'd hate to see Sauber go the way of Minardi and Jordan.
Title: Re: Peter Sauber will try to save Hinwil
Post by: david1275 on August 02, 2009, 05:32:11 PM
It would be serious shame to lose another famous name from F1. Lets hope Peter's contacts come up trumps, for the employees and for the fans.
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