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2019 Grid Game Winners

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Another season has come to an end and it is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the 2019 GPWizard Grid Game competition.

1st Place. Greener_09 - Winner and Grid Game Champion 2019

2nd Place. Mutley

3rd Place. Irisado & John S

Congratulations to all four of you and a big thank you to all the members that took part.

My personal thanks going to Dare for running another slick and fair competition for us all and without whom there would be no Grid Game at all.  :good:

I will PM the winners regarding prizes.


Congratulations everyone!  Wish I could have been at the pointy end, but kind of gave up mid-season and stopped updating between Q and the races.  Iíll try harder... :crazy:

Andy B:
Congratulations chaps a race well run.  :good:

Well done the winners, awesome job....think I need a few tips for next year!

Thanks guys and a massive thanks to Wiz for such a generous prize :good:
Already looking forward to next year


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